Debugging loriot -> Cayenne

I have a device registered on Loriot, and I can see the data coming into Loriot from the device, and it’s what I expect. It’s set up to pass data to Cayenne.

I’m trying to create that device in Cayenne, but it’s never receiving any data, so the device is never being created. (I have an ESP8266 going in via WiFi, so I know the account is working.)

How can I either see the data being passed from Loriot, or all the data coming into Cayenne, even it it’s rejected, to try and debug the problem?

Hi @todd.krein,

How did you add the device? I’m confused since you are connecting through Wifi, but you are expecting data through LoRa.

If it’s a lora device and is already configured through Loriot. Make sure you do this flow:
Add New Device → LoRa → Loriot → Cayenne LPP


Sorry for the confusion, two different devices. One is an esp8266, via WiFi. That one works, and I only mentioned it because it ensures that my Cayenne account works.

The other is an ST-Micro with a Semtech LoRa shield. I’ve tried adding it as an LPP and as an ST-Micro+Semtech, neither to any effect.

If it helps, the devEUI is 4f4d412162700059

Got it, that clear things. However, looking at our logs, I don’t see any data for that DevEUI. Perhaps, something misconfigured within Loriot.

HI there,

Please make sure to follow following doc so we can receive data

I think I have followed the instructions.

Here’s the screen shot for the Loriat app. You can see the data coming from the device, with the LPP payload, and the output is pointing to Cayenne. Is there something I’m missing?

Hi @alexander
good news, we are receiving data now !
but looks something wrong with your payload.
we received 0543ffd5 as per your screenshot which means

  • channel 0x05
  • type 0x43 → this is not a valid data type.

what are you supposed to send ?

Arrg… 67 should be hex, and thus stand for temp. I was looking at the example entry in the docs and it didn’t indicate hex there (although it did up in the table). I fixed that and it seems to be working. Thanks very much for the help.

I would beg you, plead to you, throw myself onto your mercy and ask that you provide some way for us to look at the raw packets hitting our devices. That would make debugging this infinitely easier.

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Another request - is there a document that describes how I can “fake” a transfer via http as if TTN was sending it? The round trip cycle time to recompile code, upload it, etc., to try out a new formatted string is a lot longer than editing an http address to try and inject data.



We are working on it, we know the pain. Thanks for the feedback.

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You can use the “simulate uplink” feature in TTN console :slight_smile:


Doh, brilliant! Yes, that would do just what I need, thanks.

Another way to help debug this is to add an http integration to Request Baskets to ensure the data is leaving TTN.

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