Free space on SDCARD slowly being eaten up

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when I first installed cayenne 5-6GB of space on my 16gb card was used.
After a month or so being online 10GB of space is being used.

I assume this is from LOG files?
If so where are they located so I can clear them out and what can I safely clear out?

The area to look would be /var/log/

If you edit /etc/myDevices/

to add:
rm /var/log/myDevices*
rm /var/log/daemon*
rm /var/log/SystemInformation*
rm /var/log/syslog*
rm /var/log/auth.log*

This will make sure they purge every minute, and you can always remove these if you need to gather logs for something funky going one.

We’re aware of an issue with growing RAM and log size on the Pi client that we hope to resolve shortly. Thank you for letting us know.