Bug Filed on 03-09-2016: Increase memory

Same problem. After 12h using last version:
root 310 9.2 59.7 788176 595740 ? Ssl 06:27 78:35 /usr/bin/python3 -m myDevices -P /var/run/myDevices.pid

More than 50% used memory!!

Continuing the discussion from Bug Filed on 12-21-2015: RAM Increases Exponentially:

Can you PM me your Cayenne account info when you get chance? This is optional, but it should let us see what’s going on here.


@carl.schaefer @picaxe @ats1080s Are you guys noticing that RAM is still increasing?

I’m on my Android SD card right now but I can swap out to the regular Cayenne install SD card tonight and let you know.

@carl.schaefer @picaxe @ats1080s @cramos Hey guys, I’ve tracked the Memory usage for a day on the Cayenne dashboard, looks like it’s still increasing. Processor and storage seem fine. We will look into and make a fix for the RAM increasing. Thanks.


I let mine run overnight, looks like mine is increasing too.

Processor at a healthy level though?

Yep, I never had any issues with the CPU usage. At least not that I know of.

Every 8 - 10 hours:

[49095.771760] Out of memory: Kill process 311 (python3) score 543 or sacrifice child
[49095.783214] Killed process 311 (python3) total-vm:743120kB, anon-rss:556724kB, file-rss:0kB

Now hangs. Its not usable!



We’re working on this. We have two higher priority fixes we are working on through the weekend. We will release a hot fix for this issue as soon as we are able to focus efforts here. I can send out an update on this thread early next week.

In mean time, temporary fix was put in this post:

Sorry about this,


When new version?

Releasing fixes for critical Pi offline issues on Monday. This is next priority and we hope to hot-fix a release next week.

From My Pi B+
This pattern repeats every day at present

Will post again in morning comparison if it ‘makes it though the night’
~ Andrew

Appreciate the screenshots here @picaxe! Helps Cayenne team troubleshoot and reproduce.


Agree you can’t beat a good graphic and some good old prt scr button, crtl C, ctrl V…

Looks like I need to set up a trigger > Max Mem = Rebbot ?
Both my Pi are crashing after 18hours at the moment so can’t be left unatended
~ Andrew

Same here… every 12 hours in my case.
I disabled cayenne until next version because I can’t be left unatended.

Hey Cramos,

We will be working on this now. Keep you updated.


Workaround for now…
I am re-booting every 12 hrs using scheduler.
~ Andrew

@cramos @picaxe @ats1080s Hey guys, we released a fix for this. Let us know if the issue still persists. Thanks for hanging in there!