Bug Filed on 03-01-2016: myDevices logs filling SD card


Continuing the discussion from Bug Filed on 12-07-2015: Issue with myDevices Logs:

I’m having a similar issue with huge “myDevices” logs filling the SD card on my RaspberryPi. See screenshot.

I’m also wondering if “/var/log/SystemInformation.log” belongs to Cayenne? That file alone is taking over 1.7GB of the SD card.

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edit /etc/myDevices/crontab.sh

rm /var/log/myDevices*
rm /var/log/daemon*
rm /var/log/SystemInformation*
rm /var/log/syslog*
rm /var/log/auth.log*

This way each log is deleted every minute by the myDevices cron job.


Thanks for letting us know. We are working on a solution for creating, storing, and purging logs so that this does not happen. In the meantime you can use the temporary solution that tdeleanu posted.





Moving this to the ‘Resolved’ category. Please let us know if this issue comes up again.