Full gpio usage

HI. Is it possible to have a way where i can use all the gpio’s (except 3.3v 5v and com) as outputs to control relay boards.right now if i use add relay button, then i can only access certain gpios eg 5 6 12 13 16… i would like a setting where i can use the full gpio pins to control relays.

As far as I know- the 1Wire, SPI and I2C are hard-programmed, so they aren’t available. There IS an option in HTML Device Setup dashboard that asks if you want the I/O functions on or off- but I don’t believe it has any effect on the selection/inhibiting/allowing of GPIO ports.

You CAN use a MCP23008 GPIO port expander chip. This is supported in Cayenne. Using i2C or SPI bus, you can have as many GPIO ports as your heart desires. :slight_smile:

Right now some pins are reserved for special functions like 1 wire, SPI and I2C but you can use an expander like @HighTech mentioned. Unfortunately there is no way to use them but this has been requested in the past, so maybe some day :slight_smile: