MCP23008 controlling relays

Hi guys

I have a ‘custard pi 6’ which uses a MCP23008 in i2c mode. I can only find a way to use the MCP23008 it input from sensors… Can i use it for output too?

Custard pi 6 details here :-

Yes, you should be able to use it for output as well. This is an issue that we need to investigate. I have an MCP23008 and can reproduce for testing. We’ll get a fix out for this.

Curious, what will you be using Cayenne and the Custard Pi for? (thanks for attaching the link).


just for switching lights on and off really…

i can’t see how to remove extension devices from the dashboard :s

Dang, strike 2 on our end.

We have a fix for that coming out next release. We’re doing the final testing and hope to have this release out by end of week.