General website UI issue

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Hi @cs11873, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

I don’t see the specific issue here, but let me know and I’d be happy to address/troubleshoot it for you.

Just had a hell of a time trying to figure out where to type the bug report. I think this is the correct place. Anyway moving on

Very new user, spent several hours trying to figure out how to use the dashboard (access from my desktop with Firefox on Windows7). No matter what I clicked all I would get was some doc pages. Couldn’t do anything else, no settings etc. Finally discovered you could click on the far right side of the blue Overview banner and get to configuration. The banner is all the same color so you would not know there was a place to click, ie no gear icon was showing. Later I discovered when I have the window set to full screen the gear symbol shows up but disappears if its a floating window. Also discovered if you widen the floating window enough the gear icon appears, shrink the width and it becomes invisible again.

Apologies for the trouble. The joys of ‘Responsive’ web design. :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing with the website and it looks like when you get under ~1200 pixels in width, the responsive web design collapses away that settings gear.

Could you let me know what resolution you are running and if you have any DPI setting other than 100% on your Windows install, so I can open an issue with our dev team?:

I am running 3 monitors as one desktop, each monitor is 1980 x 1050. I
do have the DPI is set higher than normal at 134 DPI. Come to think of
it a I had a similar issue with another application, think the DPI
setting screws some apps up.

It’s really not an issue for me now that I know about it, just thought I
let you guys know.

You could answer a question for me however. Does my Cayenne on the
Arduino use a TCP/ IP or UDP connection with the broker? If TCP/IP, is
the connection continuous or does it terminate after the data is
published then setup again for the next publishing event?



@tdeleanu do you know the implementation details here? I’m not sure on this.