No Details & Chart on WebGUI


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i have a problem with my web dashboard.
Ok, what is the problem? I have installed an BMP180 and i runs smoothly.
Because since some days, i can’t use the Details & Charts on the web dashboard.
On my android tab or my phone app everything works fine!
But the “Details & Chart” button is only lost at the BMP180, at my Memory, Process, … works also fine on my web dashboard.

Thank you and greetings from bavaria, germany


Hey @chris2!

Congrats! You found a bug!

I suspect that you have added the BMP widget using the Android app?

If you go to click the settings wheel icon on the top right of your dashboard, and then click “Reset Dashboard” this should fix the problem.

We will work on fixing the issue moving forward!

Thanks for using Cayenne!


This works for me, thank you!
I am not sure where i added the sensor. The last 2 month there was no problem with the icon.
Maybe the bug raised with the arduino update?



That is a possibility, it’s definitely worth looking into!

Thanks for the help!


Hello croczey,
the problem reappeared yesterday or today for me.
The symbol for Details & Chart are lost.

Yesterday i had trouble with my android gui and several times my app crashed and i could not connect to the service.

Hope it will help you, to find the bug



Hi @chris2,

Do you remember any of the places, or what you were doing, where you saw the Android app crash?