Cayenne web dashboard in windows phone

I’m sorry, but I have a windows phone hahaha. I know it is not comun.
I cannot install cayenne application (only for iOS and Android) and if I try to access my dashboard with the cellphone browser, I cannot see the dashboard, just the option about download the iOS or Android app.
What can I do?? Someone can help me?
Thanks a lot for your help!!!

Hi @hugorben,

Our website collapses down to those buttons if it does not have enough horizontal space to display (something around 800 pixels). If your browser has a ‘request desktop site’ button, you can try that, I’ve heard it worked for some users.

Hi rsiegel,

Thanks for your answer!

Using the “desktop site” in my cellphone, I still see only the options to download the apps. Even in my PC browser, if I reduce the windows size, this options appears.

So, it means I cannot be able to watch my dashboard in my cellphone?

Thank you again.


Can you try to decrease the size of the window? I use this approach to my linux tablet. :slight_smile:

I think he means ‘increase’. I think the only way around this would be find a browser that could fool our site into believing it was at least 800 pixels wide so it had appropriate space to display all of the dashboard elements. It could probably be achieved (in a hacky way) by viewing the web dashboard on a remote session on a proper desktop / laptop.

Have you trued the mobile browser in desktop view with the phone in landscape? That might get you enough width to load.

Yes… I tried that too… It doen’t work. I think Cayenne is not for windows phone…

Thanks for all your help!!!