Generic TTN LoRa device using Cayenne LPP fail

Hello all
I am just registering a raspberry pi runing a bit of python code sending LPP packets to TTN. The devEUI is 98 76 B6 00 00 11 32 67 and i am sending cpu utilisation as a generic analogue uplink. The payload is encoded as :01020046.
Earlier in the night this device came up on the dashboard then as I played with it a bit more it went away. So I deleted it from the dash board now I cannot seem to get any data from the device. I get good data on TTN console and the integration seems to be set up correctly.

Are there any fault finding steps I should be taking from here? Posts in the forum no not seem to point me in any particular direction.

thanks in advance

remove the Mydevice integration and re-add it again.

OK seems to work now. I tried deleting the integration before but anyway I will watch it. I am just going to let this run overnight here and see how it goes. Thanks for your help!