LoRa data does not show up

Dear all,
I’m new to this platform and having trouble in receiving data from TTN.
Everything is set up as described in the docs.

  • Cayenne LPP
  • DevEUI
    Here is the payload, shown in TTN console:
    and decryption seems also fine:
    “analog_in_1”: 24,
    “digital_out_1”: 0

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!



you are using same channel for both. Also check if you have selected TTN network while adding the device.

Thanks, TTN wasn’t set! And yes, also the same channel issue I will fix.

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I have a similar problem.
I have been using a TTN Node via Cayenne (DevEUI 0004A30B001E7A89) for years and it always works.
I have now added two new devices: LoRa/TTN/Dragino LGT92 v1.5 DevEUI A84041000181E93F and A84041000181E958.
Their data is visible in the TTN console but after setting up in Cayenne (double-checked all settings) no data arrives in Cayenne.
Is there any way of diagnosing why?

go through the docs https://developers.mydevices.com/cayenne/docs/lora/#lora-the-things-network and make sure you have setup correctly in the TTN console , as there is no data received for that devEUI in the logs.

I thought there was something missing!
Thank you - I have now added an “Integration” and data is coming through.

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