Getting Started with Particle Photon

About This Project

Trying to keep all my boards connnected to Cayenne, which are compatible with Blynk, I want to experiment with my Photon.

In a post of this community I read about an unofficial library, but had not detailed steps, so I decided to write this tutorial step by step, with images and code included so that you can connect a Photon to Cayenne.

The truth is that this library is still not very worked as Arduino library, but taking certain considerations you can achieve connect smoothly :wink:

What’s Connected

A Particle (formerly called Spark) Photon


  1. Add New Device (Select Arduino)

    focus on auth code.
  2. In Particle Coud Editor, search for Cayenne Library



    Build and Flash the Code

3. Cayenne recognized the device, rename for identify this one.

4. Add new Widget (with Virtual Pin)

5. Flash the new Sketch

6. Test Widget

In this case you should call Blynk classes and functions, because the Cayenne library is not yet complete. In these days I’ll give a revised to improve it :wink:

Photos of the Project

Great tutorial and write up! I am new to IOT and is fascinate by it. Can you guide me how to send a value to the virtual pin? I have an external ADC that connect to photon with I2C and need to post the temperature to the cayenne dashboard. Any advise is very much appreciate.

Hi, thanks for your words. You can review my another project where I send a digital output from Photon to Cayenne,

I think that send a analog value is very similar, of course, if you have the data read (I don’t know if you have problems with this too).
Can be helpfull review how to made that with Blynk, because cayenne library is based in Blynk hehehe.
If you need more help, you can reply this thread or mail me :wink: