Do you have plans to add Particle Devices?


Awesome UI! Just tried your serviceapp with my Raspberry Pi2… I also have:

  1. Arduino UNO R3’s
  2. Particle Photon’s
    Do you have plans to add these devices too?
    It wold be awesome, if you do…


Glad you are enjoying Cayenne!

We’re actually working on getting Arduino out the door right now. Then ESP8266. The eventual goal is to allow you to bring any device you’d like into Cayenne for prototyping projects etc. However, we don’t have specific integration plans for particle devices at the moment.

See you around,



Cool! Can’t wait to try this on Arduino. You’re saying more devices will be added but you don’t have Particle as a priority? Its neat little device with built-in WiFi. Also waiting for its support on Cayenne…


Noted! I saw their booth at Maker Faire Bay Area today…it definitely is a neat little device.




Any news on supporting Particle ?

If not, is there an open API available ?

Your solution seams to be just what I need, but my product is build on the Particle platform…

In your library distribution, you include the Blynk Particle library files - so it should be “easy” to support Particle devices ?

Br Michael


Hi Michael,

Welcome to the Cayenne community!

Support not out yet, but we plan to!

We’re working on getting this out the door right now.

You are right, Particle will not be hard to release support, we need to test in-house first. Definitely keep you updated on the Particle support, perhaps you can help test it out and give input? :slight_smile:



Great & Thx,

Let me know if I can help :wink:



I have been reading about Cayenne, and it looks great. I would like to chime in on this one. Could you please also consider the Onion Omega? Neat little devices, I would love to program those with your app. Thanks!


Hey guys,

Since I love what Cayenne has done so far. I took a shot at getting Particle’s Photon to work on Cayenne. Their lib uses blynk, I basically went ahead and made an unofficial Particle library for cayenne. It looks like their back-end is not fully blynk compatible. So I modified a few params to make it work. I put the library on github:

Here’s a short video with an LED.

Hope this helps, happy hacking!

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That’s awesome, nice job!


Hi @ecoqba,

Welcome to the Cayenne community. Thanks for posting this, it’s really cool you got a Particle device working in Cayenne! Have you tried sending sensor data to Cayenne? If you get a sensor work, please keep us posted. This is a very interesting project / hack you have done. I’ve just ordered some Particle boards too.

Do you think you could post some simple, high level steps to get the board working? This would help the Cayenne community at large who would like to get a Particle board in Cayenne.



Thanks @bestes

I haven’t try sending sensor data, but I’m sure it will work just like any other arduino.

If you are familiar with the Particle Build IDE, just go to the libraries section and search for Cayenne-Particle. In my above post I send the link for the github library if needed, include it in your app. Then, grab a token from Cayenne and flash the photon.

Hope that helps


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I’m going to create a new topic based off the info you posted, hope you don’t mind!



In case anyone comes across this thread, here is the new FAQ thread for Particle: How to add Particle board to your Cayenne account!