How to add Particle board to your Cayenne account!

Hello Cayenne Community!

I am posting this hack on behalf of @ecoqba . Here are the steps!

  1. Find the Cayenne library on the Particle IDE. Here is GitHub link too.

  2. Include the Cayenne-Particle library in your app

  3. Get an Auth token from Cayenne (using Arduino board)

  4. Copy the token to your app

  5. Flash your Particle board

  6. Your Cayenne account should show the Particle board coming online! Watch video of Cayenne, Photon, and LED.

Please add to the GitHub page as you modify or create more code. I think it would be cool if the community was able drive this hack to new limits and beyond!


@smathieson @spangaard @ilak2k

Hi bestes,

This is great - thanks a lot ;-.)

I am completely new to Cayenne, and are having problems getting my Photons to “speak” to Cayenne.

I followed the six steps in your instructions. It worked ;-.)

But in the Photon code example, I don’t have a Cayenne object. So I can not use native Cayenne functions like
``Cayenne.celsiusWrite(VIRTUAL_PIN, sensors.getTempCByIndex(0));

Blynk functions are available, but are not updating the Cayenne widgets.

So could you share your Photon “Blink-Led” code to give me some pointers to where my problem might be ?

Br Michael

Hi @spangaard,

Glad you got your board showing in Cayenne! Now I am excited to see if you can get some sensors data showing :slight_smile:

So for digital Read/Write functions there is no need to add additional code, it’s natively supported in Cayenne libs. You’ll just have to add a widget in the dashboard UI. You could choose a generic digital output widget and then select the Pin number that the LED is connected to on your Particle board. Does that make sense?


I tried using and modifying the Blink LED code to read temperature from a DS18B20 sensor. I tried following the sample Cayenne DS18B20 Example Sketch but it doesn’t seem to play nice with the Particle Dallas library. Has anyone gotten anywhere with reading temperature from a Particle device?

I am still getting up to speed with this library/Cayenne but this might help you. I am still working on connecting to a real device…

This will send a random value on virtual pin V2.