Getting Started with SenseCap Soil Moisture Sensors

New, (with everything), here. I have two SeeedSense SenseCap Soil Moisture sensors on Helium Console 2.0

It appears that I have the sensors are on the console and the sensors are transmitting date every hour.

Now, to get the data to Cayenne.mydevices.

I know everything looks intuitive but, I having trouble setting this up.

First thing is to get the Helium Console 2.0 account setup correctly.

Secondly, get the Cayenne.mydevices interface working to show the data.

Anyone up for helping out a newbie?

Thanks, Brien Hamilton

You can find everything related to cayenne integration with Helium in Cayenne Docs

Thank you for the quick reply, it is very much appreciated.

I have read the docs, and tried to follow the direction as completely as possible, but I’m still not getting past some fundamental setup issues.

I know it is frustrating for an experienced user, (like you), to see a newbie floundering over such a simple task but, such is the case here. I know that once I get just one of these sensors working correctly, it will all fall into place.

I just need a little hand holding.

Thanks again.

can you specify them here?

Thanks again, I will try.

How about if I show you the screen shots of the Console and the Cayenne?

can you remove the My Function and directly use the integration for the device.