Getting two widgets when only installing one



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Adafruit Huzzah ESP8266 breakout
online desktop

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Adafruit Huzzah ESP8266 breakout
moded CayenneWiFi.h

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This happened tonight while adding another 8266 to the stable, this one with a DHT21/AM2301 installed. When I went to add the widgets to the desktop I got two of each widget. Ok, its a little early for two-fer Tuesday, but that’s cool I’ll just delete one. Um, nope, both disappear. Here’s the screen grab-

Here’s the hardware-



This seems to have been resolved. When I started this morning there were still two of everything. Around 05:30MDT, the extra widgits went away and I have since added a BME280 to the device with its associated widgets without problem.




Benny please move this one to resolved also. I don’t have the secret decoder ring to move things to resolved, as it probably should be left to those of you at the home office.



Yep I will…this is something an issue that I’ve experienced here though as well. We have a fix in place that will hopefully get released before anyone experiences it…shhhhh. :wink: