Ghost Device or whatever

  • Device Stand alone ESP01

  • Dashboard? Web Android

  • I entered the dashboard, removed old device, used bring your own thing copied MQTT data entered it in my code.
    DID NOT program device at that moment, loged out of that account.
    Got to location, hooked up device, programmed it device connected to wifi.

Now the funny very funny thing, when i log in that account from web it shows me the window with suggestion to add a device like the first time you create account.
Even i did add device it shows me a page with propositions to pick device type like there is no devices. If i leave it like that for 1-2 min, previously mentioned device that i programmed shows in dashboard, and after few seconds it adds sensor.

And when i log in with android application it shows me that device as pending

When i use “Bring your own thing” token generated for mqtt is the same as the one i used for adding my device previously when i prepared the code.

Code is ok and it works on many devices so its not coding.

The most funny thing is that this device is far away on remote location… day by day too many things fail on this platform