Bring your own device / MQTT / Dashboard on android app


Firstly I think Cayenne has a lot of potential and can be a must have app in the future (when a lot of missing features / sensors are added for the raspberry pi).

I am not sure if this is a bug report, feature request or maybe I just haven’t figured out how to get it working…

I managed to add a new Bring your own thing and used MQTT to post some readings using the python examples on github. For some reason the android app doesn’t pick up the ‘Bring your own device’, but it it showing in the browser. Also is it possible to combine widgets from different devices on one dashboard? When you create a new project, it seems to allow this but the projects are never saved? My home automation project will consist of a pi server, that uses Wifi / Bluetooth and RF to communicate with other PI’s and Arduino’s to get readings and automate various things, the server will then populate the values.

Can I use MQTT to post data to the Raspberri PI’s channels? Where would I get the MQTT username, password and ID??


Hello, As I know - you still cannot see your MQTT Devices from Android/IOS. They are working to figure this out. For the second problem - there is a bug with the Projects, so they are working now to fix it ASAP.
About the other question - yes you can combine Project with widgets from different devices :slight_smile: