Username, Password and Device ID missing in Dashboard

Hi, if I add a RPi via the “Add Device → Raspberry Pi ->search for one”, where can I find the Device ID after adding? It is unavailable from the dashboard.

Any suggestions to where to look for it will be great. The file information @ /etc/mydevices/appsettings is incorrect as it gives error / exit code 5 each time I attempt to connect to MQTT server.

I’ve also noticed that each time my code connects to the server, the dashboard says my RPi goes offline. Then it will go online and disconnect exit code 5 again.

This is my 4th RPi I am adding.


looking at the two topics you have created, it concludes that you are using same client_id to connect one device which causes disconnect. You have the pi agent with client id XYZ which you have got from /etc/mydevices/appsettings and you are using XYZ to connect a bring your own thing device.
You need to use two different client id for each device.

Thank you for your reply. I managed to solve the later issue but the current one which repeatedly went online and offline with an exit code of 1 is still unsolved.
I removed all the devices from my account and added one via the Raspberry Pi method which it went searching my network for it. After the dashboard appears, I click on the usual place for Username, Password and Device ID which normally appears if I choose to add the RPi via the “Bring your own Things”. This one doesn’t. Anyway I figured that the device ID can be located at the browser URL and also at /etc/myDevices/AppSettings file.

Using these details I have the problem of the dashboard reporting repeatedly that it went online when disconnected from the MQTT server and offline when it is connected to the MQTT. This goes on like every 2 seconds and will exit with code 5 after freezes after like 1 minute of constant online/offline.

I am currently using MQTT client with Python.

I hope I have made myself clearer and wish if someone here can help solve this for me.

Appreciate your time and efforts!


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