GPOI section of dashboard not responding


A week ago my Cayenne (Raspberry pi 3 B) project was working just fine. I came back to it a few days ago and most everything has gone haywire… I have an 8 channel relay connected (was working fine) a DS18B20 1W temp sensor X 3 (all were working fine).

The only things that are working now are the DS18B20 sensors. I can control the relays fine with Python code, so I know it works. I have started with a fresh install of Raspbian and Cayenne on the pi and still nothing. I can add a Relay to the dashboard but it shows “unavailable”.

In the GPIO section of the web and IOS dashboard I cannot change any of the GPIO pins Input / Output state and cannot see the state. When I hover over the gray box the curser changes but not able to change anything (Safari 10.03. and Chrome 56.0).

It seems like I got a new version of the IOS Cayenne app around that same time…

Thanks in advance for your help



Found the fix to my problem, take a look at this post it worked for me…


Hi @chuckhunsucker,

Glad you found the fix for yourself! We are working to provide support for the updated 4.9 kernel so that these types of issues don’t occur anymore. Stay tuned for that.





I just wanted to bump this thread to note that we’ve now updated our Pi agent to support the 4.9 kernel (it still supports 4.4 as well). The update was automatic in the background so there is nothing you need to do on your end. Feel free to use rpi-update to move forward to the 4.9 kernel at this point if you’d like!