GPS project ...advice!

Hi, i am currently working on a GPS project.
The aim of my project is to get the GPS data from the module and display it on the MAP.
I am using :

  1. Arduino uno
  2. Gps module SIM28
  3. ESP8266-01 for communication.

I want to ask:
How can i connect my project with MAP with ESP8266-01 as there is no widget of map with bring your own things?

map widget is on cayenne roadmap for esp8266. the other way is to somehow show the lat and long on the cayenne dashboard using value widget.

I have to complete my project in 15 days, so is there any possibility of map widget coming in that period?

I can say that’s a definite no. There is map support with some LoRa devices but I’m not sure what they are. Here is one LoRaWan GPS tracker - Stories - Labs

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