Graph issue iOS app

For the last umpteen weeks the graphs in iOS app. (Temp widgets) are confusing.
Some are left to right and some right to left.
I.e. last hour - current time is left. Last day current time is on right.
Very difficult to work out which is current.
Normally all graphs work left to right!

which graphs are you referring to ?
All graph load from right i.e latest data is shown on right of the graph and also there is a time shown below so that you come to know which is the latest data entry.

I agree they should.

But currently the M and H are correct but Day, week and month are latest left as you can see from these screen shots

thanks for reporting this. we will look into this issue.

Any news regarding this issue?

@franz.x.kraus you are referring to the issue with graph orientation from left to right?

Yes. But also the graph itself is not meaningful. Attached the same Data showed with iOS App and with an Internet Explorer.

We are aware of this issue, but the left to right orientation will be fixed but not soon.
Apart from that, i do not any other issue in both the graph beside the curve being smooth in app and edgy in web.

The App is using only one measured value per day. But there is every 5 minute a new value available. The Web is showing every measured value. That is ok.
The graph of the app has an issue.

the app is meant to show the averaged value, as it is not possible to show every data sent on the small screen size of the mobile phone.

Interesting answer. I made a screenshot from my small screen size smartphone. There is no problem in seeing every data (edgy graph).
There is an issue with the smoth, crazy app graph.

that what i meant, the app shows averaged data.

In my opinion this kind of presentation is not very meaningful.

it is only for historical data of hour day month and week. you cant have all data that has been publish for evey 5 minute.