Chart issues (time span)

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RPi2 B Jessie+Pixel, Web dashboard (Windows 10/64, Chrome browser)

The chart function in the web interface seems to be acting strangely, the day span is fine, the week span is a straight line version of the day chart, and the month span shows a week!

Hello Sir,
I think that the month chart shows a week because there is not enough data for the whole month. For how long are you running the device online?

Thank you.

I didn’t actually record when I started, so you could have a valid point with the monthly graph (and this now shows two weeks worth of data). However, my concern was more with the weekly graph; there’s clearly enough data to show a weekly graph, but it doesn’t plot properly. I’m hoping to set up a second DS18B20 on the system this week, that may help us to troubleshoot either way.

Can you make a screenshot ?

Let’s leave it a week before sending screenshots.
I’ve now set up the second DS18B20 on the same system and I’m collecting data. I will then shut the system down for a short time, restart it and thus see the effect of the gap in data on the graphs. I’ll record screenshots as I go. I suspect that there may be a difference in the way that the weekly and monthly graphs are written, with regard to gaps in data.
Showing data gaps would be better for a commercial offering than having the graph fail.

I think I’ve have worked out what is going on. The weekly graph plots a line based on daily averages, from 00:00 UTC to 00:00 UTC 24 hours later. However, there is no average calculated if there is inconsistent data. Therefore you get silly looking lines that miss out several days. The custom graph shows hourly data (even on a week view), so you get better coverage in the event of data drop-outs.
You can mark this resolved, but I think this is something that should be addressed for a commercial offering.

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100% agree. We are actually improving the graph chart widget based on requirements from commercial businesses, once that is done we will push it out so everyone can benefit :slight_smile:

Thanks for updating us on your finding too.



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