Graphs not updating


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    MQTT, specifically updating a line graph from MQTT.fx OR Python using paho.mqtt both running on windows 10, both exhibit the same problem.

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    Web (Firefox on Windows 10)

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    I am using a MQTT device and sending data from MQTT.fx, to a line graph. The payload is delivered and the LIVE GRAPH updates (see image), however, the historical data is not kept in any of the other views (m, h, d, etc.).

Please advise, I need graphing or my application will not work on your system. The dashboard can be found at:




Same problem here. I think there are going updates…


Yep, seems to be a bug. The Cayenne team is working on it, hopefully will patch it next week.


@scminne @theanch92 @adam Hey guys,

We released a fix for this a few days ago. The fix was for something related to this. I’m hoping the fix we released took care of this too. When you have some time, can you check and see if you issue is resolved?




All my minute graphs still say no data and most of the hour graphs only have a couple data points but rest seem ok.



I did not see any difference in my implementation - all of the graphs (except live) remain blank.

I should note that I am publishing in a one-shot manner (ie disconnecting after publishing), but I hope this does not matter.

I would be a happy to share my code if it would be helpful. Alternatively, could you share code with me that demonstrates the proper graph behavior? This would be very helpful if you think you have it fixed on your side.