Gui capabilities: now and the future

I’m building a solar power station control and data acquisition system and have been looking at several software possibilities for computer control platforms.
I need data acquisition, storage, display, linear actuator control, position graphing from calculation and sensor readings manipulation software.
Ideally, I would be able to acquire voltage/current data from each panel in an array and graph the data over time. I will store the data over a longer period time and upload periodically. I want to calculate and determine by sensor readings, the sun’s position and do an illustration or positional diagram/graph of the data… I would also like to monitor battery data over time and calculate and graph state-of-charge data as well as cumulative energy usage.
What this boils down to, I suppose, is data collection, data storage on the Pi, data graphing capabilities and an interface to a drawing library.
Do Cayenne capabilities include all this now or perhaps in the future?

data collection - absolutely. We will give you ability to download a csv of data per sensor as well.

data storage - Will likely be stored in cloud rather than directly on the Pi.

data graphing capabilities - We have history graph widget. This has improvements in the queue that will allow zooming in on data.

Interface to a drawing library - can you expand on what you are looking for here?



D3 is a perfect example and choice.

Jim J

Hi Benny

I just recently got into Arduino + Cayenne and love it. For development and control the GUI is perfect. But I want to use it to showcase sensor data from multiple sources. Ultimately I’m talking about 100 different sensors and typically these will be capturing data that is stored in a CSV file so a graph is ultimately the most useful. But I also want to be able to show gauges etc. My reply is to a reply you gave nearly 1 year ago so I’m hoping that the GUI might have evolved, or will do soon. What can you tell me about this? The tutorial, BTW, was excellent - you guys are awesome!