Serial Sensors - Graphing output - Upload data via txt / CSV to Cayenne


I am using serial sensors to read C02 on RPIs(A+), currently I have python scripts that dump the outputs to a text file. And then use matplotlib to graph to a png file which is called in the cgi-bin… it works well but can be slow on the pi (I have started to dump the txt into a VM and plot the graphs here, its much quicker).

Is there a way that I can get this data into Cayenne, either directly via the script that works with the serial sensor(some sort of library?) or can I give cayenne a txt file location (with readings on each line) and I can use the graph widget to output this to the console? I will need many months, possibly years of history to be recorded.

This will become quite a big project in the end as I am working on an IOT sensor project for architects who want to find out if there buildings perform as designed. And will involve C02, VOC, Temp, humidity and dust. It may also collect some form of seismic/vibration recording as well. I suspect more than one RPI may be involved (but the dashboard is GREAT for that).

here is the sensor I am using currently, they seem to be quite accurate and have been reliable.

We will be opening up an API soon where you can POST to Cayenne. Would this meet your use case?

Regarding txt dump, I’ve not considered this but can see the value here! So just a csv file upload and we will display the data in the graph widget?


POST would be great, I’m pretty green as far as programming goes, but I muddle my way around. I am guessing we can do this via python scripts?

Currently I use matplotlib to read and build the graphs, but a csv style format or similar would also be useful to upload. could be handy if internet access is lost, the graphs can be recovered.

I like the sounds of that!

In that case, I’m going to move this topic to Ideas / Suggestions for ability to do txt dump or upload CSV of data to Cayenne. Update you when I have better time line for this specific feature.