Plotting graphs from a CSV


I have a project which has a lot of data. This data is taken from multiple sensors and processed further to get the final data. I basically want to create a front end user interface for this project. So I was wondering if I could plot the graphs and the analog output that you have shown without actually using Cayenne to gather the data. While reading you documentation I read about the use of a virtual pin but it wasn’t clear if graphing of random data could be done. I would very much like to keep the data processing part separate since it is subject to a lot of changes and modifications. And if Cayenne is not the right tool for what I want, maybe you could help me by telling me which is the right tool for what I need.
Apologies if this has already been asked but none of the search results showed any similar queries.

P.S. Your interface and design is really awesome. Keep up the good work.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to Cayenne!

If all you’re looking for is graphs I would probably recommend Back when I made a smoker monitor that’s what I used to graph temps and it worked great.

I should add that matplotlib requires a local web server, etc. to see graphs in a similar fashion to Cayenne, might have assumed too much for your question. Also, currently only Arduino supports virtual pins. If you want some help with a sketch we’ll need some more info like what kind of values you want to graph and where they are coming from.


Yeah I did explore such standalone plotting libraries but they do not fulfill my need for a gui. Having a gui would make it look much more refined and presentable