Halloween Scare Project

Ok, so I host a Halloween party each year and I need to make it bigger and better each year! So my idea this year was to use the Pi to help with the scares!!
So my idea, have a pi set up with a motion sensor, this is all hidden behind an old looking dolly, it would be in the toilet downstairs and bathroom upstairs (naturally im using 2)
Some one enters, there is a delay of about 7 seconds and then the pi plays an audio clip, child giggling or saying hello, a further pause of about 3 seconds and then again more giggling or laughing. Then i have 1 Vibe motor so thought would install this inside one of the dolly’s so after another delay of about 5 seconds the vibe motor would then go off causing the Dolly to move slightly.
I would then want it to be delayed for about 4 minutes, let the person finish off what they went in there for with out it going off again!
I do also have a servo and a ultrasonic distance sensor, so might try and make one of the dolly heads move, so the closer you get the further around the head moves!!
I will be needing a lot of help as i am a complete noob with this!

Im using 3 piB rev 2’s
I have 2 pir sensors, 2 ultrsonic sensors, 1 vibe motor, one servo.

I will upate you once i get a bit further, but will probably ask for help very soon so anyone willing to help a newbie would be great!

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Sounds like a fun project! And you have plenty of to prepare since Halloween is some months away.

Minus the ultrasonic sensor, all of your connected hardware should work just fine with Cayenne. We’ll likely have many more improvements to the platform once it comes Halloween time. Definitely keep us updated with your progress here!

P.S. I don’t know if I could make the 4 minute ‘finish your business’ time limit! Hehe. :wink:


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Haha yeah might need be 5 mins :o)

Question – From the programe, how do I point the system to play an audio file stored locally on the pi?

You should have a 60 second delay then have a linear actuator in the back of the toilet lift the water res lid up with a doll head and a voice behind them.

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Haha love it!! Next year’s plan… Getting the pi to play audio is my first step lol

You need to implement a camera module too so we can all connect and laugh our assets off.

…maybe a bit too creapy and lawsuit worthy though :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm maybe not the 2 in the toilet but i do have a full size mannequin that i plan on doing the same set up and do have the camera module as well so was thinking could set that up so would take snap shots of people right as the scream comes along!

This is not possible with Cayenne…yet. A work around could be to have a relay hooked up to a stereo that is constantly playing music and then you can add the relay in Cayenne triggers to turn on/off the stereo / audio player.


No worries, that idea wont work for this as the pi’s will be in the toilets ;o)
Is it possible though? Can I make the code in Cayenne and then adapt it in python to add the missing code to play the audio?