Cayenne Project Contest Winner! - ChiliBot V 1.0


Hello Cayenne Community!

Please congratulate @paul.hellfalk for his Grand Prize Winning project, Chilibot V 1.0! The Cayenne team looked at every project and voted on their favorite. It was hard to choose and was very close!

Thank you to all for participating :slight_smile:

-The Cayenne Team

Submit Your Cayenne Projects! [contest ended]

Congratulations @paul.hellfalk ! :smiley:
I will implement an outdoor version of your project when the weather gets better in Portugal xD


Congrats, @paul.hellfalk !
I hesitated on submitting my “Cayenne Controlled Thermonuclear Trigger” device. :frowning:


Thank you!
Cool, I’m also doing that. Have you seen the outdoor humidity and temperature sensor that uses SHT11? Link: SHT11

I’m going to combine that with rainwater tanks with valves and much more.



Thanks @HighTech, but you should have done that. Contest could/would have ended with a bang!


Yeah, -but I could only test it ONCE…


Hi Paul,

Yes I’m aware of that sensor. But don’t you think it is a bit expensive?
That is my purpose as well… Build a tank with some valves. The thing is that I don’t have power in my balcony, so I will first build a Wind Generator to power a battery bank xD


Congratulations well deserved :slight_smile: