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Release Notes April 15, 2016

Agent version

New! Project Centric Dashboard

  • The first iteration of the new ‘Projects’ Cayenne dashboard was released today. You’ll notice a new device list on the left side of your web dashboard. More updates to come!


  • Cayenne will expand the SD card if not already expanded

  • Pi reboot will occur at the end of the Cayenne install, rather than in the middle

  • Cayenne can now be uninstalled from the SD card. To uninstall, click the red ‘Remove Device’ button in the ‘Configure’ section.

Release Notes March 31, 2016

Agent version

Fixes / Enhancements

  • Fix issue where RAM is constantly increasing

  • Enhancements to history graph

  • ‘Submit project’ button added to dashboard

  • New Cayenne installer text

Release Notes March 03, 2016

Agent version

New! Scheduling

Fixes / Enhancements

  • Historical data display fixes

  • Fix when adding a servo widget to the dashboard

  • Allow user to choose units of measurement

  • Fixes to triggers and alerts failing

  • Ability to set min and max value range for the slider

  • Fix where old widgets are displayed on dashboard after a clean install

  • Fix issue where user session will get terminated and logged out

  • Added ‘invert logic’ checkbox to the Light widget

  • Fixed issue where RAM perpetually increases

  • Fix issue where logs fill up storage space

Release Notes January 27, 2016

iOS app is available on the app store

Release Notes January 22, 2016

Agent version

New! History Graph


  • Multiple enhancements to our Triggers & Alerts feature to improve stability, efficiency, and also some bug fixes

  • Agent fix for automatic updates

Release Notes January 14, 2016

Agent version

New! Triggers and Alerts


  • Fixed ADS1015 extension channels not appearing in the GPIO view after adding the device

  • Fixed Pi going offline for no apparent reason

  • Fixed widget multiplying on a dashboard

  • Fixed time-out warnings incorrectly appearing on the dashboard

  • Fixed PCA9685 GPIO view not working. The sliders should now work as intended

  • Fixed the ‘digital input’ widget


  • Cayenne will now automatically restart after initial installation. This is feature eliminates manual restart of the Pi

  • Decreased the installation time of the Cayenne agent onto the Pi

  • Implemented a servo widget. When adding a servo, please use the ‘Servo’ widget

  • Enabled user to edit the widget settings (click the cog wheel on an individual widget)

  • Time-out warning message has been updated for clarity

Release Notes December 19, 2015


  • Added ability to specify a min/max for the graph widget

  • Improved agent install time

  • New agent install experience

  • Agent bug fixes

  • Fixed Storage & CPU not displaying properly

  • Fixed issue where widgets are being multiplied

  • Made a fix to remote access

  • Created a Forgot Password page

  • Feature to set thresholds on gauge widget

  • Ceased storing logs on the user’s Pi

  • Fixed logout timeout issue

  • Change logout timeout to 1 hour

  • When a 1-wire temperature sensors has a large negative value, display ‘disconnected’

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