New Release! 03/08/2016

Hello Cayenne Community!

In case you haven’t noticed, we have made some updates, fixes, and enhancements to Cayenne. New releases are automatically applied to your Raspberry Pi’s, so no action is necessary on your part. If you go to the ‘Configure’ tab on your account, the agent version number should be

New! Scheduling

  • Easily create automatic events to take action on your connected devices. Create simple one-time events, or create complex multi-device events to help automate your life.

  • Access the Scheduling feature by clicking on the User Menu in the upper right corner of your web dashboard, or the Schedule tab on your iOSapp. (Android coming soon!)

  • Check out the Introduction to Scheduling Video here.


  • Historical data display fixes

  • Fix when adding a servo widget to the dashboard

  • Allow user to choose unites of measurement (long overdue…thank you for your patience!)

  • Fixes to triggers and alerts failing

  • Ability to set min and max value range for the slider

  • Fix where old widgets are displayed on dashboard after a clean install

  • Fix issue where user session will get terminated and logged out

  • Added ‘invert logic’ checkbox to the Light widget

  • Fixed issue where RAM perpetually increases

  • Fix issue where logs fill up storage space

Release Notes

We will be releasing official support for Jessie Lite and will automatically expand the file system in the near future.

So what the “agent version number should be”?..

Adding this to original announcement too.