Has Anyone Used the Arduino Web Editor?

How did you like it?

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@bestes the 1st thing i was not able to add the additonal board url for esp8266, so dint go any further.:-1:

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Off Topic!

I do, but not in the way it was intended for :grin:
I use it as a scratch pad to type ideas while I´m at work, etc. It´s great for that, as it “color codes” the sketch. IMO it´s better than just a notepad, or email.


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I used the Particle web IDE and was not a fan but I’d be willing to give it a shot for my next sketch and I’ll post back.

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Sometimes it is used, mainly at school or on foreign computers, and for backup of my codes.

I’ll play with it some more in my day to day use to get a more informed opinion, but my initial impression is that it’s way easier to manage multiple sketch files with this (the desktop IDE is conspicuously missing a ‘Window’ menu). That said I sort of prefer native desktop software for speed, so we’ll see how this grows on me.

I used it once, but I have not impressed! In my opinion, it is not fast and simple as the desktop IDE;)

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I remember that I heard about it some time ago, but wasn’t released yet hehehe, I will try definitely. Maybe is more like ‘codebender’ (I really miss that web editor u.u)

My favourite combo for the moment is…
Arduino IDE + Sublime Text as external editor.

Main screen for Sublime, secondary display with Arduino IDE + Serial Monitor

The same

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I did at one point. Seemed to work well enough for basic stuff.

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same as @ognqn.chikov

I have used it before but only a couple times. Seems to work good. I use it when i’m on someone else’s computer. I mainly use PlatformIO because it has auto code formatting and completion which is handy.

I will try this. I haven’t used the Web editor yet.

Personally, I like to use a full featured IDE like the FREE Visual Studio Community 2017:

Then build your projects using the FREE Visual Micro integration:


Takes a little more effort to setup, but worth it IMHO.

You can then install the GitHub extension, and get your Cayenne libraries directly from https://github.com/myDevicesIoT: