Virtual Pins Question. PLEASE HELP!

hello, I am very new to raspberry pi. I started with arduino and want to move to raspberry pi because i wanna see if they are more reliable and also the ability to use remote desktop for trouble shooting. Here is my project i wanna end up with, Smartrek Technologies Monitoring System - YouTube (it does not have to be quite that advanced) . Arduino just hasn’t worked that good for me (not reliable enough) but i do like the code to program.

For that project u have to code alot to. im also using xbee 900hp radios that communicate with pi using UART
I have looked at geany ide as it is similar the arduino ide.Here is kinda what the pi has to do with the xbee;

if (Serial.available() >= 21) { // Make sure the frame is all there

if ( == 0x7E) { // 7E is the start byte

for (int i = 1; i<19; i++) {        // Skip ahead to the analog data 
  byte discardByte =;  
  int analogMSB =; // Read the first analog byte data  
  int analogLSB =;  // Read the second byte  
  int analogReading = analogLSB + (analogMSB * 256);


So my questions are;

What ide should/do i use to write all that code?

What serial library do i use?

Can i use virtial pins in that ide?

you can use pre-installed python IDE or ssh into pi from a computer.

What serial library do i use?

Can i use virtual pins in that ide?
what do you mean by this?

You can use cayenne MQTT Python library to send data GitHub - myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Python: Python Library for Cayenne MQTT API

what was the issue that made it not reliable?

THANKS!! the arduino isn’t reliable because i have to reset it every so often. Or would u recommend putting my time in Arduino? I would like to get started with raspberry pi and i like the ability to remotely log in to it for troubleshooting purposes. My goal is to introduce this concept to the public market. Or do u think that i should use something else than a raspberry pi?

Can i not use geany than? (if not i will just have to learn python)

can you check what is the error in your serial monitor with #define CAYENNE_DEBUG added in your code.

this can be done only on the same local network.

What is the concept about?

Geany is just an IDE, you have to use python language or any other language which you know.

thanks again! regardless im not using arduino… I need to be able to connect remotely. i could do this via teamveiwer not? , Smartrek Technologies Monitoring System - YouTube is the concept. So i can download the cayenne library and use it in geany and write the program in C?

you can use teamveiwer to connect remotely. Here is the cayenne MQTT c library GitHub - myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-C: Cayenne MQTT C Library

Now my last question is would u recommend using a pi for this application ? Is that going to be reliable enough? If no, Which modem should i be looking into?

all boards are reliable, it depends on factor like how you code it, not hitting rate limit, internet connectivity, power supply.
As i stated, what is the issue you are having with Arduino, so i can help you out fixing it out.
when using pi also you need to have the code correct, making sure you don’t hit rate limit.

sass321 You keep stating concerns with reliability. The device is only as reliable as the person programming it. Bad code entries are bad code entries and do not reflect on the reliability of the device. Also you seem to think Raspberry Pi and Arduino are equals or alternatives to each other. That’s not good logic and it says to need to study more about which device is better for a project, they are very different. The raspberry Pi is a full fledge computer and the Arduino is a controller board so how you approach them and use them is very different. To solve your reliability problems you need to get better educated about the Arduino and the Pi. Then you need to get a good understanding of the many ways to program these devices. Finally you need to clearly define what you’re attempting to achieve and then select either the Arduino, Pi or even the ESP8266. Good luck and keep in mind that the IOT world is all about learning from resolving errors and finding solutions.


Thank you. I understand that u could help me with my problems using the arduino. I am going to post the link again to show u my end project;

So the reason i like raspberry pi is that if later on i find that that is a tiny bug (which there will be), i can log into teamveiwer and edit the code, and do that all in my office. The other thing is that it does not have to be a raspberry pi just something that i can edit the code remotely.

if you want to control it remotely then raspberry pi is the best option for you.
So how are you planning to start this project?

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I am afraid. If this is your concept that you are going to teach the world (i.e. Loging in remotely to fix something) than for your kind information the whole IOT world already know it.

I program medical devices to keep a track of patient’s sensitive data and I often reset their devices (fitted in their bodies) by Loging in remotely.

Perhaps we could help you better if you tell us what the problem really is. Problem has a solution while explanation not.

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