Help installing a second pi on cayenne

I’m having issues installing a second pi using cayenne- it is found on the network through the app, finds the IP address but then I get an error message ’ error getting invite code’ before I can install anything- I encounter a similar issue when using the full website version… I am assuming you can install cayenne on multiple pi’s under one account ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Hi @louisvis and welcome to the Cayenne community.

It should be no problem to add a 2nd (or a 20th!) Pi to your Cayenne account, it’s definitely supported.

The messages you’re getting make it sound like there may be some error specific to your account that’s occurring. Would you mind sharing your credentials via private message so I can investigate with our engineers for a moment? You can reset the password to something you’re comfortable sharing at

Replying to myself since this conversation went to PMs, just for the record:

There were a lot (maybe 20) of pending devices on this account and that appeared to be causing this error state. After removal of these pending entries it’s now possible to add a Pi (or any other device) again.

Thankyou for resolving this

Happy to Help! :slight_smile:

Is there a way we can solve this on our end? I am having the same issues.

Anyway, I found a workaround by logging out and logging back in.