Installation problem - Error getting invite code

Raspberry Pi 1 B+ with Raspbian Lite freshly installed

when I try to install Cayenne directly using bash, I get the following error:

Trying to install myDevices for python3 version: Python 3.4.2
Build for Python 3.4.2 failed\n

when I use Android or IOS to install Cayenne on the Raspberry .I get the following error:

“Error getting invite code”

Any solution to this problem?

Cheers and keep up the good work guys :wink:

The Arduino server seems to be down, could be related.


I don’t think this is related to our recent Arudino server downtime (which is now resolved)

This is because the Cayenne platform currently only supports full Raspbian Jessie, not Jessie Lite. If you flash your Pi’s SD card with the full Jessie image (on the left of this page): Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi , I suspect you’ll have no more error with the bash instructions.

I’m – less sure that those app errors are related, but I suspect even if they aren’t, you’d eventually run into the same python error, silently, so you’d still need to update to full Jessie to run Cayenne. I say update to full Jessie and try whichever install path you’d like, again.

Lite should now be supported

Oh, awesome, miscommunication on the my part then, sorry!

In that case, before you go full-SD card reset, try the following commands to update your OS (and with it, the Python package)

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

once those are both completed, reboot the Pi and try again (probably from bash, so we can more easily see any error output). Let me know if you run into the same, or any different, error text at all.


Hope this got you up and running OK. I’m going to move this thread to ‘Resolved’ but certainly feel free to post here if you’re still having install trouble.