Help with IoT kit


I bought "the internet of things Kit"
I tried several times to start different projects/devices with the instruction on CD.
Always errors and problems
Does anyone have the same experience ?


can you post a link to this device.


Hi @reyiss,

Yes I’m very interested to see this kit :slight_smile:



I bought it from


Look like you’re referring to this kit:

Can you post the code and instructions it comes with on here, so we can take a look?



at it is : OSOYOO IoT Starter Kit for Arduino Iot projects with Tutorial, Uno R3 board, W5100 Ethertnet shield,Android/iOS Remote Control Internet of Things kits

One problem is e.g. in the tutorial you should select a pin for a sensor, but on “” there is no “pin”, only channel. Same problem wiith the light Switch: I cannot choose the same as in the tutorial is suggested.
Code: the codes are on CD or will be generated by “


@reyiss have a look at this post and follow all the steps from it. Converting Cayenne Arduino LIbrary sketches to Cayenne MQTT Arduino


thanks for your answer.
But, to change all the points, you’ve mentioned, will take a long time.
Seems to be easier to write a new code


in your arduino ide go to file > examples > cayenneMQTT > Connection > and select the appropriate connection.
this will give you a example code. add the MQTT credentials and you are good to go.


I tried it again.
Connection was o.k.
Examples failed again
I will not try again