WiFi 3-Way +2 Switches using ESP12-e

GPIO 12 toggles Form C relay.
GPIO 4 and 5 floating high via 2k2 resistors
+V = +7.5<28vdc @ <200mA
Relay rated to 125vac, 2.4amps, 300 watts MAX.

all resistors=2k2/.125watt, capacitors=47μF/35v, diode=1N4001, Q1=2N2222, K1=Omron G5V2-3.3v, VR1=78SR-3.3 switcher


So far beyond my brain capacity but very cool! A kit form would be awesome and save you some steps.

Carry on young man!

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-you can be the proud owner… :wink: Assembled, tested and tried!
but if you want a kit- that can be arranged!
I’m shamelessly selling my IoT Creations on eBay.
…an engineer has to eat too, ya know…
Selling prototypes sucks, but I need the bucks.
I’m gearing up to manufacture 200 of these WiFi 3-Way Switches.
$1950 investment.
I hope I can sell 200 of 'em!
wrap 'em in 1.5" heat shrink tubing to insulate 'em…
(or a skinny bicycle innertube length)

wmontg5988[quote=“Bill, post:4, topic:2244”]
A kit form would be awesome

Why? You want a board? Interested?

Out of curiosity where does one get the sort of PCBs you’re always sharing manufactured, and what kind of volumes do they want require to do business with you? Is it something in the realm of a hobbyist/maker, presuming they have the knowledge to design a schematic for a functioning PCB? Or is it the sort of thing where they don’t want to deal with you if you aren’t moving thousands of units?

Minimum order from ExpressPCB is (3) PC boards- $68.50 includes UPS Ground shipping.
When I yield 4 circuits per board with a minimum order,
each circuit PC board cost $7.50.

For larger runs, 50 PC boards cost $400.
I yield 4 circuits per PC board (usually). I call these circuits “Quarter” boards.
A Pi Zero footprint is a “Third” boards.
My QuadRelays are “Half” boards.
Increasing yields lowers costs.

My next (first) production run of 50 PC boards will be soon-
This will yield 200 circuits. (100 WiFi 3-Ways and 100 Allies).
This lowers the cost of the individual circuit PC board to $2.
Parts average about $10 per unit.
I usually include a parts kit from DigiKey
to make it easier for novices to make the kits.
Lord knows the parts are 70% cheaper on Ebay!

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and yes, the worst part is finding out that you’ve made a mistake on the design.

Not at this time, I’m still learning coding on ide. Just figured out how to get the ESP in my PLDuino to connect to router now to figure a way to get connected with Mydevices. I’ll get there eventually since guys like @rsiegel are so very helpful.

If I put a kit together it might sit around a long time.

Happy Days!