Cayenne LPP dont workl

Hi everyone!

I assemble one device and TTN shows payloads like this:
(channel,gps data type, lat, long, alt)

I make a Cayenne integration in TTN, put Cayenne LLP on Payload option, make a new TTN>Cayene LPP on MyDevices Cayenne…
But not showed in Cayenne Dashboard.

The Device EUI is :

I test on Dradino LGT-92, and works fine. So… I simulated correspondent payload style and type of device on Cayenne with my custom device and not work too.

Somebody can help me?

have a look at this gps example

Thanks [shramik_salgaonkar], but i was based in this doc, and i think my payload received in TTN is in this pattern.

01, 88 ,FCE210, F82A6E, 92C2 ( dont have the last zeros as in the first post)
channel,gps data type, lat, long, alt

in the logs, i am getting AYj84hH4Km6Txg== base64 which in hex is 01 88 fc e2 11 f8 2a 6e 93 c6

01 channel
88 gps data type
fc e2 11 latitude
f8 2a 6e longitude
93 c6 altitude

Yes, and is this not correct???
Why dont show in nothing in dashboard?

And… can I acces the log to check the TTN > Cayenne connection?

Thanks, you are very fast in yours reply!


Many Thanks, i followed from the

With just 2 bytes to altitude, so… when i see the correct 3 bytes format in the official site, i dont see the different, i am feel a bit stupid…

Best Resgard!

the cayenne expect to receive the payload in particular format with the correct length of payload. so when you are sending 93 c6 it expect more four bits and thus gives range error in the cayenne logs.