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About This Project

This project is build for countries where electricity production is not sufficient and consumers need to save electricity. This project provides automated electricity management which in turns save cost and contribute to the country’s goal to reduce power consumption. The Cayenne cloud made this so easy that everyone can build this and save some great money over long duration. for over internet using Cayenne cloud , Cayenne library for Arduino and the arduino itself

What’s Connected

We will be using Arduino Uno , Ardunio Ethernet shield W5100 and the Cayenne cloud to help us automate things over internet.

Triggers & Alerts

We setup the message alert for the changes that made by management planner / scheduler.


This is the real part where you need to make plan and schedule consumer products / home appliances to turn on and off to save cost. If you are out of home everyday from 9am to 5pm and alw(Paste screenshots of dashboard, triggers & alerts, Scheduling)ays to forgot to turn off your heater/cooler then don’t worry just setup the schedule and repeat in on the desired days of week.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project


Hi big A
Cool project just my cup of tea.
What sort of electric heater will you be switching?
most I’ve tinkered with are over 10amp and would release the smoke out of the relay in the pic.


Yep, you have to be careful. Read some of the comments here Fixing a broken thermostat on a heater


Yes mate I can only emphasise once we start moving away from low voltage DC and tinkering with HIGH VOLTAGE AC things can and will go bad very quickly,
So if you are not 100% on what you are doing ask a electrician.
Sorry for the rant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


[quote=“4ndy, post:4, topic:1250”] @abc48 abc48
if you are not 100% on what you are doing ask a electrician.

I’m worse than an electrician. I’m a licensed electrical contractor.

@4ndy @abc48 , I’ve posted a beautiful HIGH CURRENT Cayenne relay,
capable of running any electric heater or motor that is plug-in powered.

WiFi, Cayenne enabled, input power +12Vdc.
It uses Esp12-e module ($2.40), and a 277Vac@16Amp relay.
I designed The PC board as a buiId-it-yourself project.

It is best not to mess with high-current stuff (like electric heaters)
unless you have a clear understanding of power!