Smart Energy Meter

Smart Meter are essential to efficient energy consumption and a key part of the smart grid infrastructure.The smart meter helps consumer stay fully informed about their daily energy use and eliminate wasteful routines or get rid of the inefficient appliance. For utility companies, the real-time visibility into energy consumption process translates into accurate billing data and ability to balance demand against supply via flexible pricing and other policies. With the IoT platform, smart meters can be easily implemented to support these and many other smart grid features.

  1. Real-time smart home/smart building energy profile
  2. User apps for billing data accounting
  3. Smart metering over HVAC, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment
  4. Smart meter network
  5. Smart meter data analytics
  6. Secure over-the-air configuration
  7. Fault detection
  8. Theft detection

What’s Connected

this project use single phese electronic energy meter, arduino pro mini and Esp8266-01 wifi module.

Triggers & Alerts

if the power uses goes beyond set limit , it send user a sms about it.


currently no scheduling, but monthly billing can be a option.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project



This is a cool project, and great use case examples :slight_smile:

Can you also share the code if you get a chance?


Good project, but here in my place we change all the analog meter to digital :slight_smile:

i have used digital energy meter

which meter do you use?

which digital meter do you use?

single phase 230v 50hz energy meter


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Sorry if this is a stupid question. How do I find the digital meter code? I looked in the Arduino Examples for the Cayenne library and for the CayenneMQTT library. I also looked in Add new… → Devices & Widgets in the Cayenne dashboard.

Maybe @chandragupta0001 will share his code? :slight_smile:

There is no such code, I have made an algorithm to do so,

you have esp and Arduino which will have a code running on it. right? so can you share it here?

there is no cdoice that reads the data from a counter like the one in the picture, but only an algorithm that reads the pulses and obtains pulses / time the power you consumed
all this has a limit, the time from one flash to another … so it takes cmq a reference of time and becomes very impresico.
another way is to adopt emontx and to prevent data, it is more complete and it works also bidirectionally, interfaceable anyway with cayenne.
so I implemented my consumption