How to add RF Receiver / Transmitter pair?

I currently have a 433mhz transmitter and receiver pair hooked up to my pi. It works very well as a smart doorbell / light controller / heating controller for my house.

Im new to cayenne and i like the interface and the way it works. How could i accomplish the same with cayenne??

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As I said earlier this morning:

I may have to get my hands on Tx/Rx pair for 433MHz and see what all the chatter is about!

I know you have been here a while, but let me say welcome, and thank you for joining the conversation!


Hi all
As part of my project i was given a set of energenie sockets I was going to ask about after I sorted out the basics out.
But these are a nice little unit.

Would this be a good alternative to a wireless project ?
Information I have read states in order to activate you send the 4 digit code by setting the correct Gpio hi or low plus the trigger.