Wireless sensor communication /Console for Arduino


I am working on a monitoring project, where I was going to send data wireless from my sensor to my PI, and then off to the cloud. My original plan was going to be using two wireless Anarduinos (one sender, the other reciever) and then use serial to give the data to the pi, which will be pulling some other sensor data as well. I saw an ad for Cayenne, and thought this would be about perfect for my needs, but see that it doesn’t support serial at the moment. Are there any low power methods to ship data wirelessly to the RPI?




Sounds like what we were talking about in the online meetup last week with the ESP8266+Arduino. It’s not released yet, but it certainly sounds promising.


I do this lots and have a host of uPowered remote devices interfaced through ttyAMA0. I find that this works easily and well with pyserial activated and the serial port configured correctly (an issue to remove all other uses of it by the pi mainly)

With just picking up 4 wires (Power + Txd and Rxd to any micro / radio device you can have a heap of fun… wirelessly…



~ Andrew


With that kind of custom radio, I think we need the ability to use custom “background” code so you can retrieve data of different sensors by serial, then send it to Cayenne.


Above is a bit of a show off but indicates my area of interest and speciality (making practical uAmp IoT devices ).

I am now steering away from hopes of say A CSV format into Cayenne that I think would be massively complex and messy and fill up the help section…

I think more now that it is important to just letting us write our own custom serial gadgets is best and allowing some sort of a command or / python command read and write between the Pi and Cayenne through say a function, library, gadget listening in the background of Cayenne when ‘set up’ as:

Add New >
Device >
Extensions >
Generic Variable IN-put / OUT-put
Variable type (float / signd / bits / byte / word )

Go back to the Pi and start tinkering with a function as the interface. Share the demo and examples. I have a hunch this would really lift the lid on a lot of creativity and hand over the one-off requests to help simplify / standardise the number of device drivers. New of ‘hot’ devices can be introduced, demo’d and pre tested with Cayenne in this way and special driver made in usual way as they become main stream.

~ Andrew


Thank you for your replies and input, for now I’m looking at using FluentD to upload the data to BigQuery. My project is more of a big data dashboard instead of interactive control, so I’ll be looking to add QlikView or a similar dashboard. Cayenne really attracted me as it appears to have it all wrapped up into one solution instead of handing off from piece to another. If some sort of event listener could be wrapped into Cayenne and sent up it to the DB (which is essentially what FluentD is doing) it would be perfect. I’ll still be watching Cayenne and keeping my fingers crossed that the functionality will come.