Cayenne and controlling 433mhz on rpi

hi there
great APP
does and how it can support my 433mhz module projects?
like send a code to light up a 433mhz controled device


Welcome to the Cayenne community!

I’m fairly certain 433MHz isn’t supported now. What I don’t know is if it is on the road map of things to come. I’m sure @bestes will pop in here soon and let us know if it is on the radar for Cayenne.

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The simpler 433MHz modules really need a micro in front and behind them. Raw radio data comms takes a bit of sorting out but can be done simply. I use good quality discrete RF Tx and RF Rx ASk modules. Cheap is not always cheerful. There is a lot of stuff out there that generates junk or is prone to interference or is unstable at close range or near wifi. I make up a simple data packet of a few bytes to send a small serial message containing ON:OFF or simple single byte Variable data Preamble + Header + Systems ID + Channel ID + data + CS check sum. If you go for zigbee or similar tranciever or BT modules then it is simpler as you have a reliable transparent serial connection between two points. It still needs some sorting out or converting to serial at each end. I am looking forward to access to pyserial etc either inside a Cayenne gadget or python sand box OR allowing variables to pass outside of Cayenne on the Pi then into and out of Cayenne.

~ Andrew

Changing this to Ideas / Suggestions category so it can be tracked on the road map, hope you don’t mind.


This is fine.
Above GIF shows radio link but that is optional. 'I am keen on getting ‘ANY’ micro but mainly the serial format spitting out serial into Cayenne variables.

The main thing I am working on getting working is getting single or multiple generic variables into Cayenne via serial data using simple serial txt CSV styrings.
Or any other similar, logical format.

Reading the devices documentation at the moment
If anyone else is interested and wants to know how to build the above suggested interface they can ask to get in touch direct.

~ Andrew