DS18B20 can't change to Celsius


First of all, Hello!
Im new to cayenne and i just finished installing it. The first problem i encountered is that my attached sensor can’t be changed to Celsius. It’s a DS18B20 (with the metal probe but i think its not related) it shows farenheit but how many times i click the save button it doesnt do anything. So far the interface looks good and easy to do, looking forward to entering a project if i can get this to work… Thanks!
EDIT: Raspberry pi 2, connected via ethernet, DS18B20. The interface looks good, but too many bugs to be useful for me, sorry! Maybe i will revisit this some time later…


Suggest use phone droid interface to set up Deg C while they work on it.
~ Andrew


Hi @uros.simic

First off, welcome to the Cayenne community, my apologies that it is under the circumstances of this bad experience. As you’ve seen, the broken Save button is a bug that’s limited to this one sensor type via the web dashboard. We’ve detailed it in this thread: Problems with DS18B20 widget with Firefox/Chrome as well as some others you can find if you search DS18B20.

The suggestion from picaxe is a good one for the short term, if you have an iOS or Android smartphone you should be able to get this particular sensor added and configured from that interface until we fix the web widget.

Regardless, I’ll update this thread, and related ones, as soon as we have a fix.