SunFounder DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module Setup

I have a SunFounder DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module connected to my RPi 3. It is displaying the wrong temp. The module reports temp in C and not F by default. Cayenne picks up the module by default but it is not the correct one. Does anyone have instructions for setting up a DS18D20 module and not the one wire option so that it is converting the default C reading then converting that to what I select for the sensor in Cayenne?

This is the device I have it it helps.

Thank you.

I have fixed this issue. I think there was an issue going between the iPhone app and desktop browser. It appears to be working correctly now.

Glad to hear that you solved the problem, and welcome to the Cayenne community. Please feel free to create another thread if you run into further issues.

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