How to connect ESP32 Dev Board to Cayenne?


I was using ESP8266 Development board with Cayenne for opening and closing the garase door, but when there was no communication for some time, the ESP8266 went offline. If I wanted to use my phone to open it, I had to first press to open and then wait for it to come back online. This could take 10-20 second. Then it was online and working find. The ESP8266 was also using a lot of power, so my battery operated 8266 lasted only for three days before the battery was flat. With the ESP32 I am hoping for long life and hopfully always on, but it would not compile with the ESP32 code and Cayenne libraionry. Any suggestions?


When I looked at the error message, I found this:

analogWrite(pin, it.asInt());

So maybe it is “analogWrite” that is not implemented in the ESP32 software yet?


From: espressif/arduino-esp32

analogWrite() not implemented #4

me-no-dev commented on 13 Nov 2016

two types of analogWrite are now implemented through SigmaDelta and LEDC.
Headers for the relevant drivers are here and here

So maybe I just need to wait sometime, or is there some adjustments I can do like putting in some extra headers?


Arduino:1.8.1 (Windows 10), Kort"ESP32 Dev Module, 80MHz, 115200, None"

In file included from C:\Users\AnneLine\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne/Adapters/BlynkWiFiCommon.h:18:0,

             from C:\Users\AnneLine\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne/BlynkSimpleWiFi.h:23,

             from C:\Users\AnneLine\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne/CayenneWiFi.h:27,

             from C:\Users\AnneLine\Documents\Arduino\sketch_feb15a\sketch_feb15a.ino:22:

C:\Users\AnneLine\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne/BlynkApiArduino.h: In member function ‘void BlynkApi::processCmd(const void*, size_t)’:

C:\Users\AnneLine\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne/BlynkApiArduino.h:182:36: error: there are no arguments to ‘analogWrite’ that depend on a template parameter, so a declaration of ‘analogWrite’ must be available [-fpermissive]

     analogWrite(pin, it.asInt());


C:\Users\AnneLine\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne/BlynkApiArduino.h:182:36: note: (if you use ‘-fpermissive’, G++ will accept your code, but allowing the use of an undeclared name is deprecated)

C:\Users\AnneLine\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne/BlynkApiArduino.h: In instantiation of ‘void BlynkApi::processCmd(const void*, size_t) [with Proto = BlynkProtocol<BlynkArduinoClientGen >; size_t = unsigned int]’:

C:\Users\AnneLine\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne/Blynk/BlynkProtocol.h:317:9: required from ‘bool BlynkProtocol::processInput() [with Transp = BlynkArduinoClientGen]’

C:\Users\AnneLine\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne/Blynk/BlynkProtocol.h:145:30: required from ‘bool BlynkProtocol::run(bool) [with Transp = BlynkArduinoClientGen]’

C:\Users\AnneLine\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne/CayenneClient.h:31:20: required from here

C:\Users\AnneLine\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne/BlynkApiArduino.h:182:20: error: ‘analogWrite’ was not declared in this scope

     analogWrite(pin, it.asInt());


Mange bibliotek ble funnet for "WiFi.h"
I bruk: C:\Users\AnneLine\Documents\Arduino\hardware\espressif\esp32\libraries\WiFi
Ikke i bruk: D:\Programs\Arduino\libraries\WiFi
exit status 1
Error compiling for board ESP32 Dev Module.

This report would have more information with
"Show verbose output during compilation"
option enabled in File -> Preferences.


Hello @svein.utne,

Have you been able to connect your esp-32 to MyDevices?




No, I an waithing for new software

  1. okt. 2017 kl. 19:32 skrev William Montgomery <>:


October 15

Hello @svein.utne,

Have you been able to connect your esp-32 to MyDevices?




Are you referring to native support for the board at mydevices?



  1. okt. 2017 kl. 20:13 skrev William Montgomery <>:

[] wmontg5988
October 15

Are you referring to native support for the board at mydevices?


Looks like I either keep trying or wait:slight_smile:


Yes from what I saw last time I looked analogWrite is not yet supported. It’s a shame, the 8266 took off right away but the 32 seems to be dragging on forever. Soon…