How to display in dashboard the length of time an input has been on/high/true?

hi love the Cayenne platform so far! Need to monitor some industrial processes ie. relay is ‘on’ time. This is to help log the ‘on’ time of a certain machine when it is running. I want to use the digital input via a node mcu to show how long an input has been on per. day on my dashboard. Struggling to see how i can do it with the widgets and graphs. I don’t want to download the data and analyse it, i just need the ‘on’ time to display in the dashboard for 1 machine up to 10 machines. I’ve got it to work so far by using a pushbutton, holding it down and seeing the state change in Cayenne, but thats as far as i have got. Help!

you can use millis() - Arduino Reference to get the time the relay is ON and then send it to cayenne.

Thanks, i’ll look into this. So with Cayenne you cant manipulate the data it receives, it just displays what it is sent?

yes, you cannot process data on the cayenne dashboard. It shows the data sent by the device.