Consistency between default widgets for mobile and web


thanks to the popup prompt to make my topic even more interesting :). I have been working with a pi3 and put Cayenne on it to monitor my 3D printer. Starting with temperature inside the box (I have the printer in a box to keep temperature consistent). It works great, super simple to get up and running. I then decided that I wanted to check things while I was roaming around with my phone… I setup Cayenne on the phone and when I pull the device up it added another sensor to the display :). I see that it is also tracking the cpu temperature, network speed, and processes as well as the standard ones that were setup on the web based display! Super cool!!! Now I’m wondering if I can get the same things on the web based display…

While I’m asking about the displays, I also wanted to know about the history graph for the sensors. on the web based ones when I ask for a graph for the week or the month it looks like it graphs only the data point at 5pm every day… On the phone version it looks like it is either graphing the actual data, or doing a curve fit based on the daily data…

I know things are all still being worked on and implemented as we go so if this is just one platform playing catchup with the other no problem. I’m just trying to understand :).

Thanks again for a great platform!
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Yep, so there is discrepancy in the ‘default’ widgets between the mobile and web dashboard. Mobile has a few additional ones, like the Pi temp and Processes. We will be putting the additional default widgets on dashboard, don’t worry :slight_smile:

There are some improvements we’ll be doing on the graphs too. Like implementing a ‘zoom’ feature that will allow you to look closer at the data. It’s one platform catching up to the other.

Glad you like Cayenne! See you around,

P.S. I’ll move this topic to Ideas / Suggestions category so I can track it in road map. But, feel free to make another post to this category that shows off your 3D printer monitoring station…and check this out if you haven’t already. Win a Trip to Maker Faire 2016! [contest ended]



Hi Eric,

We added more of the default widgets to the dashboard view and also updated the history graph.

Still working on the history graph getting more data points.



Benny –

It has been a while since I contacted you. I have been working on a number of different projects, but am circling back again to pick up my Cayenne projects and was hoping to extend them a bit… I see there has been a lot of new effort put in and it looks great :).

The reason I am contacting you today is that I wanted to see if there is a way to get time information on the dashboard. Specifically I am wanting to start a timer when a physical event happens and then have the dashboard display the elapsed time until a second physical event happens etc. What I am trying to get to is a monitoring system for my CNC mills and I want to show the run time of the machine. I would love to be able to track the run time for a given part as well as for the machine itself (how long has this part been running? how long since it stopped? how many hours has the machine been running total? etc., etc. etc.).

I also have a need to be able to look at two inputs and if there is a specific combination of those inputs then trigger an alert. What I am trying to do here is monitor both the spindle motor and the coolant pump and if the coolant pump is on but the spindle motor isn’t, then the machine has going into error and I want to get an alert. I can make it alert me when the machine turns off the spindle, but I don’t know if it went into error, or if it finished normally.

If I had the ability (on the Pi) to be able to run a script from within the Cayenne environment and pass a couple of variables back and forth, then I think I could handle all of this. I noticed that there is something like this on the Arduino side, but I didn’t see anything on the Pi side. Did I miss something :)???

Anyway, just wanted to ask a couple of questions and say hi! I saw an interview online with you and your companies CEO I think it was and it was good to see you still working on this.

Look forward to catching up.

Thanks again!

Eric Warner