How to set up a guest connection (share dashboard publicly)



I would like some people to connect to mydevices without being able to chance things. Is it possible I could not find info about it.

Thanks in advance



This was a request a while back and was confirmed to be on the roadmap. Currently not possible.



Thanks for the answer. maybe one day …



@svt @ats1080s will be one day soon. We are referring to this feature as ‘publicly sharing’ your dashboard.


Moving this to Ideas / Suggestions category :slight_smile:



Is possible to share the dashboard via any other third party app?


You could use a screen sharing/VNC type software to connect to a machine with the dashboard running if you wanted to access it remotely, and didn’t want to use our 1st party apps. But the level of permission would be the same unless you made it a view only session or restricted mouse/keyboard via that screen sharing software. We don’t have varying levels of account permissions in the Cayenne platform itself at this time.

We’re not integrated with any 3rd party apps if that’s what you’re asking. Let me know what you’re trying to accomplish and hopefully a I can brainstorm a more concrete solution for you.

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I should add that if your use case is simply to have someone be able to monitor specific values, without editing the dashboard, you can accomplish that now with a series of alerts set up from Add New > Trigger. There you can create notifications that could be sent to any text message or email recipient when a sensor or value reaches a specified threshold.

This would allow you to alert a non trusted user to meaningful data on the Cayenne dashboard without giving them access to edit, until we get a more robust permissions system implemented.


+1 for this feature : allow acces and be able to control widget but not on the project.

And for this kind on account, I could be great to use social authentification.

What’s about oauth access ? May be it’s part of API feature ?
Today if I want to create a custom application and allow friends to use this app to control a device, I have to do all by my own !?


A public dashboard would be very nice. For checking or watching some information quickly. Also can watch other people, maybe the family, e.g. the temperature at home :slight_smile:

+1 for this feature :slight_smile:


+1 here for a sharable dashboard


I’ve only been playing with this for a few hours and I think it is amazing. Really would need to give other people access to projects though. I really need to be able to let others see a dashboard.


I would really like this feature too…

Some sort of user possibility so others can acces your project but have a way to limit rights to watch / control / edit
Have setup an arduino unit to control light fixtures at home and watch temperature… But don’t want my girlfriend to be able to edit the widgets just watch and control…

Also have a Arduino PLC (controllino) at work now to control the door, lights, AC/heating… But i would like to have acces to both projects without log out / log in to another user all the time… So it would be nice if you can share/grant acces to “projects” with other users… That way i’m in control of both projects And be able to add my girl to the House Project while put my colleage to the Work Project and he won’t be able to see my house…

Can you share an estimated timeline / roadmap?


+1 for publicly sharing projects


+1 for adding users and sharing dashboards. I would like my wife to be able to use the dashboard in a “restricted” manner for only controlling items and not editing them.


Similar to ThingSpeak, wherein they have public and private view.


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Hello everyone!

Thank you for voicing the need for this feature…it helps me gauge what is important to community. I am very excited to let you know that this is slated for our next release, ~ June 5th. Here is a sneak peak of this feature too.



any news about this feature?




Hi @francesco_talotta,

Yes. We pushed this feature out and then had to remove it due to a bug. We are working to fix and get it back out to everyone! Will be very soon :slight_smile: Hang in there.



+100 for that feature. On the tow was a nice post with acess options description! Adjustable acess shared link would be great!
Instrument itself is great. Many thanks!