Sharing link / Celular acces


I try to access to the web platform of my project thanks to the sharing link.

It works good with the computer, but we access with the cell phone, we get an internet page that suggest us to download the App.

I think it would be good if we can access to the page of the sharing link by cell phone as well. My idea was to create a QR code that is one the monitored installation that we can scan by cell phone and access to the monitored graph.


This link might help:

It worked for me on Android.

Thanks you !!

Hi @loic.tachon,

As shown in the link @margettepv posted, you can switch to “Desktop View” on your mobile browser, which will then allow you to see the dashboard.

Although, thanks for the idea. We’ll share it with our team.


Yes, this is coming :slight_smile: Mobile is a little bit behind our web dashboard, but it will catch up soon!


Hello @bestes
any news on this option “sharing project on iOS and Android”

this has been not done yet but there is a workaround for android device.